PISJ-ES presents interplay of arts and science on Pakistan Day

PISJ-ES presents interplay of arts and science on Pakistan Day


JEDDAH — To reinvigorate the spirit of patriotism and revive the commitments towards the progress of our motherland, PISJ-ES recently organized Pakistan Arts and Science exhibition. Students from across all grade levels enthusiastically participated in the expo and presented skillfully prepared working models of science and arts.

Principal Adnan Nasir said, “The knack with which the wide range of creative output is presented in the juxtaposition of science and arts projects depicts that our future architects are well aware of their roles and responsibilities not only towards their country but to the world at large.”

He added, “The main idea to link this exhibition with Pakistan National Day was also to make the students realize the importance of independence and to educate them about our splendid history and rich culture. Through the interplay between science and art, our students have manifested that by sinking into our roots deeper, we can establish our purpose even stronger through hands on experience into scientific inquiries with its due aesthetic merits.”

The exhibition drew many community members who appreciated the students’ endeavors. Every nook and cranny of the school displayed the ‘art of science and science of art’ in its all colors. Where the foyers and corridors of the different blocks of school were decorated with the magnificent display of mosaic lanterns, glass paintings, wall hangings with the archaic patterns inspired by the Mogul architect and designs, mirror work and Aboriginal art; the classrooms showcased the science projects including biomes, astronomy, water cycle, ecosystem, features of human body in florescent lights, the real depiction of STEM education through robots, remote controlled cars, production of hydroelectricity, the concept of optical illusions and much more.

The visitors were awestruck to behold the dynamic creativity in forming beautiful chandeliers, decorative photo frames, stationery and jewelry containers by improvising on the used materials; delineating the 3 Rs’ idea of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The documentaries, featuring the struggle of Pakistan, multimedia presentations outlining the culture of Pakistan in the symphonies of national songs were also some of the other highlights of the day.
The added attraction was the aromatic, traditionally spiced and mouthwatering food kiosks; including paani puri, samosas, dahi bhalley, kulfi and the after eating chaw — betel leaf paan.  — SG