Meet denounces moves to tarnish Islam's image

Meet denounces moves to tarnish Islam's image

A Qur'an copy is showed at the conference's exhibition to highlight that JIH is inspired by teachings of the divine book. — SG photo

HYDERABAD — A mammoth Muslim conference here Saturday denounced the move by enemies to tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims by linking them with extremism and terrorism. It emphasized that the Daesh terror group poses the biggest threat to Islam and Muslims.

The public conference, which was held on the sidelines of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s (JIH) members’ meet in Pahadi Sharief, Hyderabad, also expressed its deep concern over the growing fascism in India after the BJP government took over power in New Delhi.

The conference titled “Reconstruction of the society and our responsibilities” was attended by prominent personalities including Deputy Chief Minister of Telengana Mohammed Mehmood Ali, Acharya Onkaranand Shankaracharya, Sardar Nanak Singh Nishter and Jamiatual Ulema Hyderabad President Shabbir Ahmed. JIH president Maulana Jalaluddin Umari presided over the function.

Shankaracharya described Islam as a religion of peace, love and equality.

“Islam does not promote terrorism. This is an undeniable fact. Muslims are an indivisible part of India, without which India nwill not be complete,” he said.

The deputy chief minister Ali expressed his gratitude to Jamaat for supporting the Telengana movement. He commended the organization for publishing Islamic literature in all Indian languages. “I myself use JIH literature to present the true picture of Islam among our fellow countrymen,” he said while praising JIH for organizing a well-disciplined all-India conference in the state.

JIH president Umari said various forms of corruption have spread all over the country as a result of people not following the rules and regulations set by God and revealed through His prophets. “The solution to all forms of social and economical evils is that man should turn back to his Lord and refrain from disobeying Him. All Prophets invited their communities to follow them even when they were devoid of political authority. JIH believes that men should accept Allah’s sovereignty,” he told the conference attended by more than 25,000 people including women.

“There has never been any compulsion in religion even when in power,” the Jamaat leader told the participants. “Problems cannot be solved by fighting each other, but by fighting against divisive conspiracies and elements.”

Hamid Mohammed Khan, president of JIH in Telengana, said Jamaat would not keep quiet against growing fascism in the country. “We’ll respond to the negative policies of the Modi government intellectually.”

Shabbir Ahmad, president Jamiatul Ulema Hyderabad, said Muslims must follow the example set by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and adhere to his teachings. We should deal with our fellow countrymen on common grounds of humanity irrespective of their religion.

Dr. Syed Qasim Rasool Ilyas, president Welfare Party of India, emphasized the need to boost the country’s development by enhancing the capabilities of its citizens including Muslims and other minorities. “We seriously lag behind in Human Development Index figures as compared to other smaller developing nations and need to pull out our country from the abyss of underdevelopment and ensure social justice and welfare for all.”

Dr. Kalbe Sadiq wondered whose ‘achhe din’ or best day has arrived — the countrymen’s or the Sang Parivar. “Instead of reacting angrily to provocative comments, we should follow the Prophet’s example by solving problems with wisdom and patience,” he told Muslims.

Muhammad Adeeb, a former Parliament member, said Islam is a message nfor humanity. Islam has been victorious not because of its numerical strength but by the strength of its character. He also stressed that education without proper grooming creates ruthless animals, not civilized people.

Zafarul Islam, president All India Muslim Majlise Mushawarat, urged Muslims all over India to make greater efforts to spread the message of Islam through their lives. “We only focus on Urdu media assuming that we have discharged our responsibility of spreading our ideology among the masses.” — SG